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Victor Bologan: Selected Games 1985-2004: Power Chess at its Best

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Moldovan Grandmaster Victor Bologan is among the world’s strongest and most dynamic grandmasters. You are invited to join him on a highly personal, autobiographical journey, as he presents 52 of his games, deeply annotated. 

These games are highlighted against a background of his life experiences and development, resulting in one of the most splendid game collections available today. The text and games are nicely complemented by over thirty photographs, and indexes of players, openings, tournament results and even strategic, tactical and psychological techniques.

From the Foreword by Garry Kasparov:
„This is a book that ought to be read by every chessplayer who is serious about continuing to mature as a player. This book will give you advice, usually from the author’s perspective, on how to choose an opening (..) The author talks about the method he used to make his choices, and about the concrete philosophy standing behind each decision (..) In practically every game, one may find general recommendations, 'fine-tuned’ to the concrete particulars of each position. I find this sort of advice to be the most valuable, because general advice that is not illustrated by a concrete example loses the greater part of its practical value.”

Jeremy Silman, author of How to Reassess Your Chess:
„One of the best autobiographical game collections ever. His tales are fascinating, the games are sharp and full of beautiful ideas, his notes are top notch, and his desire to share his understanding of chess with the reader is moving and heartfelt.”

British Champion GM Jacob Aagaard, ChessCafe:
„I thoroughly enjoyed the games and the comments (…) The annotations will be possible to follow and enjoy by most chess fans and are, as such, probably more suitable for the avarage chess book reader than the computer printouts of John Nunn’s 'Move by Move’ books (…) I think this book will do well.”

Mark Donlan, Chess Horizons: 
„Certainly one of the best game collections published in recent years.”

John Watson, The Week In Chess:
„At the end of the majority of games he appends a section called 'Lessons’. Each lesson consists of three tips, often relating to a specific type of position (…) A well-written book with a wealth of ideas and observations that go well beyond the usual game collection.”

Ray Edwards, British Chess Magazine:
„He wants to show the evolution of his chessplaying strength through the influence of his various trainers and how lessons may be learnt from each game and tournament (…) The reader can follow how Bologan became a world-class chess player.”

Leeuwarder Courant (Netherlands):
„Very instructive is that at the end of each game the author finishes his story with a list of conclusions and lessons, to the benefit of all players — young and old, amateur and professional.”

Harry Schaack, KARL Magazine:
„The didactic explanations show that the author is a chess coach (…) Bologan wants the reader to understand the structure of the position.”

Andy Ansel, ChessToday:
„A pleasure to read (…) A perfect mix of deep variations interwoven with explanatory text. The book is extremely personal in nature (…) I highly recommend this book to all buyers.”

Jonathan Rowson, New In Chess:
„Probably one of the finest games collections ever produced.” 

Rochade Europa Magazine:
„The 52 games are not only analysed extensively, they are always concluded by 'lessons’ which pinpoint the most important experiences in each game.”

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