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If only life was as straightforward as a book of chess exercises! If only someone would tap you on the shoulder every time the moment to show your tactical skills has arrived! 

However, the reality is that during a game you are on your own. Nobody will whisper in your ear when you have reached a position that is, in fact, a tactical puzzle and all you have to do is solve it.

Emmanuel Neiman offers help. He has identified a number of signals that tell you that somewhere in the position you are looking at there is a tactical blow just waiting to be found. What you need is a way to read those signals. What you need, and what Neiman helps you to acquire, is a Chess Tactics Antenna.

In this trail-blazing book, Emmanuel Neiman presents the seven main signals that help you to determine the moment you must start looking for a win. He also teaches you, with lots of instructive examples, how to interpret these signals and how to find the killer move.

Emmanuel Neiman is a FIDE master who teaches chess in his home country France. He has written several highly successful books on chess tactics and chess training. With his co-author Yochanan Afek he won the 2011 Chess Cafe Book of the Year Award for „Invisible Chess Moves”: Discover Your Blind Spots and Stop Overlooking Simple Wins.

Olivier Pucher, FIDE Master and chess trainer:
„This book is very much aimed at practical play: what to look at, how to think, how to find good moves. With exercises for all levels (1300 to about 2100 ). Very warmly recommended for all who want to get better at tactics!”

John D. Warth, Chess Club of Southern Indiana:
„Neiman understands the crux of the problem: no one sits at your elbow during a game to announce you have mate in three. You must find those moves yourself (..) His presentation is clear and readers are sure to improve.”

Steven Goldberg, ChessCafe:
„An excellent text for intermediate players or advanced beginners.”

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