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The Wonderful Winawer: Strategic Ideas & Surprise Weapons for Dynamic Chess Players


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The widely-played Winawer Variation has been called ‘the jewel in the crown of the French Defence’. It is easy to see why:

This is an opening for players who love a real fight. Black immediately attacks White’s centre and the resulting positional dynamics offer chances to both sides.

Viktor Moskalenko, a renowned champion of dynamic play, is the ideal guide to show you both the strategic principles and the tactical finesses. As a follow-up to his bestselling The Flexible French, Moskalenko has written another sparkling book brimming with new and original ideas.

The entire spectrum of the Winawer is covered, but of course Moskalenko has his own preferences and he does not shy away from some daring recommendations. 

His keen eye for the essence of positions, his talent to find new resources in well-known lines and his own inimitable style will make the ‘French Magic’ work for every reader.

Viktor Moskalenko is an International Grandmaster, a successful author and a well-known chess coach who has worked with Vasily Ivanchuk. A former Ukrainian champion, Moskalenko remains highly active as a player and has won numerous tournaments in his new home country, Spain.

Viktor Kortchnoi:
„Familiarizing oneself with Moskalenko’s new ideas can only have a beneficial effect on the play of any reader, from amateur to professional. I can see many connections between this second book and the earlier 'flexible’ volume, which proves that the two are in spirit actually one publication.”

Arne Moll, ChessVibes:
„The book literally brims with double exclamation marks, devious tricks, once-forgotten-but-now-revitalised ideas, quintessential quotes, noteworthy novelties, and thought-provoking italicised musing (..) A true roller-coaster ride of a book.”

Klaus Kreuzer, Europa Rochade Magazine:
„It is simply a pleasure to work with this book.”

Paul Motwani, The Scotsman:
„Brilliant (..) GM Viktor Moskalenko does an excellent job of giving all the most important lines after 3.Nc3 Bb4 together with lots of sound advice and ideas which makes the material easily understandable.”

Marshtower Chess Reviews:
„The writing style is never less than engaging. It is possible to learn quite a lot just by reading the prose and not even playing through the moves.” 

Joe Petrolito, Australasian Chess Magazine:
„Expands and complements the material on the Winawer in the earlier book (..) Another fine book by a good author.”

Glenn Flear, Yearbook 98:
„It is as if Moskalenko and New In Chess have consciously sought out the best features in other chess books and then put them all into this one. In addition, these 272 pages are so full full of the sheer 'joie de vivre’ of the author that I would recommend turning a few pages when you are feeling down.”

Max Euwe Centre, Amsterdam:
„A barrage of ideas, suggestions, warnings and concepts.”

Gary Lane, Chess Moves Magazine:
„A must for those who play the French Defence.”

Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe:
„Very interesting and well-analyzed, with plenty of fresh ideas and suggestions.”

Praise for other books by Viktor Moskalenko:

John Watson, The Week In Chess (on The Flexible French):
“Simply sparkles with ideas.”

Bill McGeary, ChessVille (on Revolutionize Your Chess):
“This book could be the most complete approach to teaching improving players that I have seen.”

Lubomir Kavalek, The Washingt
on Post (on The Fabulous Budapest Gambit):

“Well structured and fun to read.”

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