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The Grandmaster Battle Manual by Vassilios Kotronias (Hardcover)


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Wersja językowa książki – angielska.

A hardcover edition of this book is also available

The Grandmaster Battle Manual explains how to be a more competitive chess player. Chess grandmaster Vassilios Kotronias has been a professional player for two decades and now he explains the secrets of his success. As a writer, Kotronias has the skill to explain in words what other top players can only express in long lists of chess moves. Improve your chess with a grandmaster guide.

Vassilios Kotronias is a chess grandmaster and former Greek Champion. He is a key member of the Greek team as both a player and coach. On the international tournament circuit he is a feared competitor who is particularly noted for his profound opening preparation.

ISBN – 978-1-906552-52-7 – 352 pages – Published 3 June 2011

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