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The Extreme Caro-Kann: Attacking Black with 3.f3

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The Caro-Kann Defence has become one of the most important and popular replies to 1.e4. Its ‘solid’ and ‘drawish’ reputation no longer applies in modern chess. In fact, White could do with some new ideas to fight for an advantage in this chess opening.

Grandmaster Alexey Bezgodov advocates a very early deviation, the annoying and little-explored 3.f3!?. 

This strange-looking move was already played by former greats Geza Maroczy and World Champion Vassily Smyslov, but the idea has come to fruition in the hands of modern world-class players like Vassily Ivanchuk, Alexander Morozevich and Judit Polgar.

The move 3.f3!? considerably complicates life for Caro-Kann players, as it makes Black’s main problem bigger: the development of his bishop on c8. 

White’s chances to obtain an advantage are substantial, as Bezgodov shows in this fascinating new chapter in modern chess opening theory, packed with new resources, original analysis, clear explanations and dozens of tests.

Alexey Bezgodov (1969) is a Russian chess grandmaster and writer. He was Russian Champion in 1993 and came shared first in the 1999 Ukrainian Championship. In 2004 he published Challenging the Sicilian with 2.a3!?, another highly original chess opening book

Martin Rieger, SchachWelt:
„A very good and honest opening book with serious and deep analysis. The many novelties and new ideas make this system a weapon against the Caro-Kann that one should not underestimate.”

GM Glenn Flear, author of 'Starting Out: Open Games’:
„’The Extreme Caro-Kann’ effectively takes Black out of his comfort zone, which isn’t an easy task against this defence (..) An excellent book from Bezgodov. The author has certainly persuaded me that 3.f3 is more than just a surprise weapon. So Caro-Kann practitioners should get hold of this book before their future opponents do!”

Richard Vedder,
„Choke-full of surprising variations. This system turns out to be perfectly playable.”

Marshtower Chess Reviews:
„Unprepared opponents who run into 3. f3 will struggle to get the sort of game they are hoping for and could well end up on the wrong end of a crushing miniature.”

Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe:
„This book is very good. It covers the subject in detail and fairly objectively and it provides an amazing amount of new ideas and analysis for both sides (..) It is a minor line, but one with a certain sting and it is finding a larger following than in previous years.”

Lukas Wedrychowski,
„Bezgodov’s recommendation is really interesting and leads to types of positions that one doesn’t see in the main lines (..) It is definitely worth a try and not just in Blitz. The analysis is convincing.”

Alan Dommett, British Chess Magazine:
„A book that I thoroughly enjoyed and found most absorbing.”

Todd Andrews, Chess Life Magazine:
„GM Alexey Bezgodov does a good job of explaining the purpose and tactical ideas behind the moves. Also, the format of this book is excellent for giving a new chess player a glimpse into the world of how master players learn their systems.”

Gary Lane, Chess Moves Magazine:
„An excellent guide to beating the Caro-Kann.”

Former British Champion Matthew Sadler:
„A very impressive book (..) Bezgodov presents masses of original analysis on the many crazy sharp lines.”

Schach Magazin 64:
„Provides a detailed overview of all variations and many practical examples. The chapter with exercises is quite good.”

Max Euwe Centre,  Amsterdam:
„An important bo
ok for aggressive White players who like to slice the solid Caro-Kann. Those who play the Caro-Kann are advised to swiftly add a response to 3.f3 to their repertoire.”

John D.Warth, Chess Club of Southern Indiana:
„Bezgodov selects the best games from current practice; reinforces his ideas with bold analysis; and poses challenging problems — all designed to provide clear instruction in cutting-edge positions that can best be won through insight and careful study.

Mario Ziegler, Rochade Europa Magazine:
„Bezgodov very thoroughly investigates a fascinating variation with unusual positions (..) A normal Caro-Kann player will have problems with these complications, so this is a powerful weapon for White against 1..c6.” 

Paul Motwani, The Scotsman:
„Besides trying to maintain a pawn at e4 for White, it also attempts to restrict the development options of Black’s queen’s bishop. There are numerous fascinating possibilities for both sides, and Bezgodov’s book is highly recommended.”

Dennis Monokroussos, The Chess Mind:
„Model games are used and there are plenty of lengthy verbal explanations (..) Bezgodov delves deeply when necessary and not every variation ends in an advantage for White. (..) Aggressive players looking for something fresh and fighting against the Caro-Kann may find this book just what they wanted, while Caro-Kann aficionados may want this book for the purpose of self-defense.”

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