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Grandmaster Repertoire 18 – The Sicilian Sveshnikov (twarda okładka) by Vassilios Kotronias


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The Sveshnikov is one of the most active and dynamic variations of the Sicilian, and has been used successfully by players of all abilities from club level through to world champions. In Grandmaster Repertoire 18 – The Sicilian Sveshnikov, opening connoisseur Vassilios Kotronias places this bold system under the microscope and provides a world-class repertoire for Black.

Vassilios Kotronias is a nine-time Greek Champion and mainstay of the Greek national team, as both a player and a coach. He is feared for his profound opening preparation.

ISBN  – 978-1-907982-93-4 –  440 pages – Published 6 August 2014