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This exceptional book continues the unique project where one of the greatest players of our time transforms her personal journey to the top into a roadmap for everyone who ever wanted to better themselves in the game of chess. In this volume, Judit tells the story of her rise from teenage grandmaster to Top Ten superstar.

Judit Polgar has been ranked 1st on the Women’s rating list from 1989 to the present day. In 2005 she became the only woman in chess history to participate in the World Championship final.

ISBN: 978-1-907982-51-4 – 392 pages – Published 18 December 2013


„From GM to Top Ten is not only strong on the chess content side of the ledger. It features extensive biographical material including Judit’s recounting of her famous loss to Kasparov at Linares where the World Champion got away with violating the touch move rule. There are several pages about Bobby Fischer’s relationship with the Polgar family. Many high quality photographs and player and name indexes round out a first rate production.”

IM John Donaldson

„I enjoyed the little stories just as much as the sparkling games. We even get the inside story of the infamous clash with Kasparov (Linares, 1994), in which the 13th World Champion let go of his knight, saw that his move would lose the exchange and then quickly picked it up and played another move (and won, 10 moves later). It all happened so quickly but there were people watching and the champion got away with it. Judit’s prose coverage of the incident is well worth reading.

The book is beautifully produced, with a hardback binding and numerous photographs (some of them full-page – a real rarity in chess books)… Extremely entertaining and highly instructive, this is a truly a book to savour.”

Sean Marsh (full review)

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