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Chess Mazes: Increase Your Piece Awareness by Seeing Ahead Further


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A completely new kind of chess puzzle helps you develop the necessary skills to take your game to the next level. Excellent training to avoid one-move blunders.

To master Chess Mazes you have to exert better control and command of the full potential of all your pieces and you have to visualize their movements in your mind’s eye. 

This sounds more difficult than it is: Alberston’s unique method takes you by the hand.

Very good for beginners and improving chess players. With hundreds of exercises.

American Master Bruce Alberston is a popular chess author. His books have been instructing amateur chess players all over the world for two decades.

Edition : Paperback
Publication date : August 31, 2006
Number of pages : 0
Publisher : Russell Enterprises
Weight : 198 gram
ISBN : 9781888690231

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