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Chess Evolution September 4/2011 – Edited by Arkadij Naiditsch (miękka okładka)

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Wersja językowa książki – angielska. Miękka okładka.

A multinational team of Super-GMs analyse the most important recent games, using their world-class skill and powerful computers. This volume is essential to anyone interested in the most up-to-date and highest quality opening theory.

September 2011 covers: The World Cup, Dortmund, The World Team Championship, Russian Super Final, Biel…

• Up to date and state-of-the-art opening analysis
• All the authors are world class grandmasters
• The games are selected mainly for their importance to chess theory
• All the analysis is checked with powerful computers
• Each issue will consist of approximately 400 hours of chess research!

Contributors in this issue include: Naiditsch, Maze, Sedlak, I. Sokolov, Miton, Bacrot, Jobava and Predojevic. All GMs, most of them in the top 100 in the world.

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(Please note that this volume is produced with assistance of Quality Chess, but is not a Quality Chess product.)

ISBN 978-1-907982-06-4 – 368 pages – Published 30 September 2011


„The games are heavily annotated (!) in all phases of the game, not just the openings, with plenty of prose and concrete variations. Each author’s style differs but in general there is an attempt to not only put the opening phase in perspective to current theory but also suggest in what direction things are going.

Although this series is principally aimed at those keen on opening theory it should not only interest specialists in this discipline. The games are so well annotated in the middle and endgame phases that this work could easily pass as a best games collection of Biel, Dortmund, the Russian Championship and the World Team Championship.”

IM John Donaldsdon