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Back to Basics: Strategy


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While there are many books about how to improve your chess tactics, instructive books about chess strategy, particularly for players of less than master strength, are few and far between. 

In the latest entry in the widely acclaimed Back to Basics Chess Series, international grandmaster and popular author Valeri Beim explains the basics of strategic concepts in chess. 

Topics include:
— piece development
— the center
— two weaknesses principle
— cooperation of pieces
— weak pawns
— weak square complexes
— positional considerations
— the bishop pair
— open lines
— the proper implementation of a strategic plan

This book has been written for the great majority of chessplayers rated below master strength. Clear, concise explanations and examples, discussions of strategic objectives and of the formation of strategic plans are all designed to aid the aspiring chessplayer to better understand and implement chess strategy.

International grandmaster Valeri Beim is a respected instructor and author now residing in Vienna. His previous books, including Paul Morphy: A Modern Perspective, have been widely acclaimed and well received by the chess community worldwide.

Praise for Valeri Beim:

British Chess Magazine on 'How to Calculate Chess Tactics’:
„An excellent introduction to a critical chess skill.”

Don Aldrich, Chess Today, on 'How to Play Dynamic Chess”:
„This book is so good, I have to stray from my usual method of categorizing books, and deem it an Instant Classic.”

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