Professional, tournament chess (chess figures) Staunton type are a type of popular chess pieces that are generally used for tournaments and chess events.

They gained immense popularity decades ago and have entered the canon of chess figure design. As a rule, they are made of elegantly finished wood, but plastic and even metal figures are also encountered.

Staunton chess history

The pattern of figures saw the light of day in 1849, and was named after a strong and respected chess player – Howard Staunton, who signed the first set of these chess pieces. Since then, it has been unquestionably the most popular tournament chess in the world.

Characteristics of Staunton figures

They have lived to see many variations and types (e.g. Staunton Timeless), differing in particular in the performance of the chess jumper (horse). Characteristic elements, for example, are the notches made on the bannocks (transverse notch) and the rooks (4 small grooves).

Staunton figures do not have excessive decorative and artistic elements that could distract players while playing at a chess tournament.