Berlin Defense A variant arising in the classical variant of the Spanish game arising after moves: 1. e4 e5 2. sf3 sc6 3. gb5 sf6.

The Berlin Defense became popular in the present day only after the PCA World Chess Championship match between Kramnik and Kasparov in 2000, in which Vladimir Kramnik, thanks to his deep understanding of this debit (in a variant leading to the exchange of hetmans 1. e4 e5 2. sf3 sc6 3. gb5 sf6 4. 0-0 S:e4 5. d4 Sd6 6. de5 Sf6 6. h:d8+ k:d8) put up a formidable resistance with the blacks to Garry Kasparov himself, which helped him win the match in the end.

Nowadays, more and more grandmasters are also using the Berlin defense in serious tournaments, recognizing this variant of the Spanish game as a solid and full-fledged debut.

Berlin defense

Berlin Wall

A variant of the Berlin defense. This system was popularized during Kasparov’s match with Karmnik in 2000.